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Student Responsibilities for Internship Program - Code of Conduct
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  1. Students agree to abide by all policies, rules, and regulations of the site supervisor or employer and by the policies outlined in the LWPI Professional Code of Conduct.

  2. Students agree to approach the Internship experience with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, and are expected to conduct themselves in professional manner. Students agree to professionally communicate and interact with their immediate site supervisor and to act, at all times, as an employee, in the best interest of the employer.

  3. Students agree to perform all tasks assigned to them by the employer as outlined in the job description. Students will agree to abide by posted work schedules and job rotations. Students agree to call their site supervisor or employer if a scheduled start time cannot be met. Site Supervisors/Employers have the right to schedule students according to their own business need.

  4. Most internships are non-paid as students receive academic credit. Some internships may include pay and will be determined prior to your selection and start of the internship.

  5. Students who fail a company-administered drug test immediately become ineligible for participation in the program.

  6. Students agree to submit all applicable paperwork associated with each specific internship. This includes evaluations, feedback questionnaire and other documents needed to meet your internship requirements.

  7. Students terminated by the employer or who quit of their own accord are no longer considered actively enrolled for that term and:
    • Will receive a grade of "W” (withdrawal)
    • Are not eligible for another Internship

  8. All students by submitting:
    • You are indicating that all the information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge
    • You are agreeing to the responsibilities presented in the Student Responsibilities/Internship Learning Contract
    • You give the Career Development Office permission to release to potential employers your job search correspondence (resume, cover letter, etc.)
    • Submitting this form gives the career service office permission to access your academic record and correspond with potential site supervisors on your behalf.


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