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CWEP Project 3

Posted By JoDee Krotz, Friday, April 12, 2019

Hi! I'm JoDee Krotz in Fort Worth TX. My husband and I live in both Texas and Iowa. Texas is our transition state as we move toward creating a profitable livelihood as a seasonal wedding and events venue in Montrose, Iowa, we named: 1884 On the Bluff. We will soon begin renovations on the Iowa property

 As the property is in a small community in SE Iowa, we wanted to create an opportunity to share ideas, meet, and garner the support of the nearest neighbors, local business owners, community leaders, creatives, and friends. To kick everything off right out of the gate, we decided on a theme: “Celebrate Before We Renovate.”

 We picked a date, created a logo and an invitation. We also recruited the help of an area acoustic guitar artist, two local photographers, catered the affair with a local food truck, served local craft beer, purchased outdoor décor from a local greenhouse, and rented party necessities from the areas supplier.

As the electricity wasn’t yet run on the property, everything ran on a small generator we set-up under the barn. We made a ‘chandelier’ with cut and gathered branches from a cedar tree, bound the limbs and wrapped with lights. We hung the creation from the highest rafters in the barn. The gathering was an informal, intimate, and laid-back experience; but, a welcome treat to all attending.

 Guests shared stories and memories of the property over the years; and, we shared our vision of beautiful parties amidst the trees. We expressed our intent to create a down-to-earth (organic and earthy) venue, while also capturing graceful and refined qualities.

 We envision our restoration to reflect a love of the outdoors meets fine art; or, a farm amidst the old-world, a gallery and gardens. Both pastoral - yet sleek and simple in its architecture. Receptions might be held in a clear span marquee with a likeness to a botanical glasshouse. Couples can dress it up with hanging candles and dried herbs; and dine by candlelight and dancing beneath the stars.

 Our venue is a historic and unique 1800’s build & offers an authentic nod to a romantic time gone by. The property’s buildings were the vision of a German Immigrant. The limestone quarried homestead and stone foundation banked barn reflect an “old world” style - rustic with an earthy, more comparable to something you might see in Sussex, yet boasting Germanic roots, and a European flair, right in Iowa. Couples who opt for this environment will feel as though they’ve been transported to a wooded European countryside. We hope you’ll wish us luck as we embrace this undertaking.

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CWEP Project 1

Posted By JoDee Krotz, Thursday, February 14, 2019
Updated: Sunday, April 14, 2019

My name is Jo Dee Krotz of Fort Worth, TX. I'm thrilled to be taking the CWEP course as my husband and I have procured a property in SE Iowa we'll be restoring to create a wedding venue. I believe the information and skill set provided throughout this course will fuel me with confidence to continue forward with our venue, 1884 On the Bluff. 

For Project 1 I chose to create a Woodland Romance. I created a romantic love story for Jody and Billie; and they are getting married with the trees as their focal point, surrounded by a poetic, and romantic outdoor theme! The wix site link with the 8 A's & lots more is:

The first time Jody noticed Billie he was working as a life-guard in Wichita Falls Country Club swimming pool. Billie was alongside a few girlfriends; but Jody said: "SHE really stood out. She was wearing an unforgettable red one-piece swimsuit which caught my eye. I was smitten from that day on. She’s so funny, artistic, and kind. I knew I would marry her someday." Not only did our tanned and fit, lifeguard who, as Billie adds, “sported natural waves of sun-kissed blonde curls” also garner Billie's notice; she said after they met... "He was just so smart and funny there wasn't anything else in the world I wanted more than to spend my life with Jody."

On April 11, 2017, after almost four years of long-distance dating between The University of Texas, where Jody was in college, and Midwestern State University, where Billie was attending college, she said “Yes!” during a hillside picnic serenade where Jody strummed his guitar and her heartstrings to John Denver's "Annie's Song." Earlier that day, Billie packed a picnic basket full of her famous homemade fried chicken, homemade bread & butter, and chocolate chip cookies, all Jody's favorites. She was to meet Jody at their favorite picnic spot midway their long-distance drive. As Billie arrived, she noticed Jody's sweet Golden Retriever, Louie, waiting under the couple's tree, where they had met on such occasions many times before. Louie was atop a set blanket, his neck wrapped in a wreath of spring wildflowers, and next to a large sign that read: “Will you marry us?” Jody stepped out from behind the tree, got down on one knee and proposed. Of course, Billie said “Yes!” Louie provided the ring atop his nose and Jody sang his heart out for the love of his life.

Billie and Jody spent the following year planning their life, livelihood, and wedding. They will tie-the-knot May 14, 2019, which is a collectively sentimental date for our couple. Many purposeful details were themed to fashion a genuine eagerness for all who would attend their wedding including: "Save The Date" cards with a tree design reflective of their engagement spot and invitations depicting the rings of a tree. The tree is the primary binding theme which will play out throughout the engagement, wedding, and reception.

For their big day, our couple prepared a magical evening under the stars at Chandler's Gardens in Celina, TX. The duo will wed in “The Secret Garden” under a tree. The space will be filled with lilting romantic, acoustic guitar serenades. Following the ceremony there will be a cocktail hour with lots of filling bit-sized eats, a reception guaranteed to make guests smile, a delightful dinner, a romantic bon fire, photo booth, and invitations to show-off dance moves with Next Level Entertainment at the theatrical helm. There will be lots of little aesthetic surprises throughout this enchanting beginning. And, Louie will also be fully participating in the festivities, affording comedic, sweet release to accompany the substantial significance of the day’s beautiful events.

As for their lives together, Jody will be teaching 6th grade Celina Elementary School students Science as well as Physical Education. Jody has already amassed multiple original songs with his guitar to help his students motivate and memorize while learning. Billie will be teaching art classes at the same school. This creative and soulful couple will rent a little house on the outskirts of town, with lots of room and good shade for Louie. They will move in together following their honeymoon to St. Lucia island. It is easy to deduce their life together will be colorful, music filled, and full of love.

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