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Purple Reign Mood Board

Posted By Chanelle S. Miller, Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Name is Chanelle and I currently work as a manager. I have always had an interest in event planning and I love planning, coordinating and executing events.  In the past I have helped several event planners and have developed a passion for this field. I am very excited to learn all I can and become the absolute best planner.

So far in the class, I have learned the responsibilities of the planner and what is necessary to stay organized for events and weddings. I have also started to comprehend why it is so important to connect yourself with the right vendors and have a dependable network of people as an event planner.  There is a lot of time and work that go into planning each event and making it special  for your client.  My project is going to be a Themed Wedding event for a bride who loves blue, purple and Prince.  The future groom is in a fraternity and also loves the color purple. I want to create a very unique and memorable event that they and their guest will remember for many years to come. 

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CWEP Project 1

Posted By Cynnamon P. Roundtree, Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hi my name is Cynnamon Roundtree. I grew up in Mesquite, Tx and moved to Garland, TX  my freshman year of high school, where I graduated from South Garland High school. Before I found my calling in Event planning I aspired to be a TV personality/broadcaster . My goals in the course is to create my own Event planning business and to find my greatest strengths in this business so that I can be successful in bringing my ideals to life.  I also strive to better my social skills because communication is the key.


My experience in this course so far has taught me allot about the business. I'm eager to take this knowledge and use it. This project has exercised my brain and the excitement I feel lets me know that this business is meant for me.


With this first project, I came up with an idea of an Elegant fairy-tale wedding because all girls wish to have that dream come true. I used some of my favorite vibrant colors and gave this wedding a magical touch. 




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My LWPI Experience

Posted By Ayesha Fardell, Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hi Everyone! My name is Ayesha Fardell and I am the owner of the wedding and special events company, Elle Qui Vit. While I started my company before enrolling in LWPI, I feel this course has given me so many tools to grow my business, be more creative and work more effectively. I am very excited about earning my certification and beginning to implement all the new things I've learned. I'd say some of the most helpful tools have been the A8, learning about contracts and negotiations, and marketing my business both locally and on a wider scale. I am feeling very motivated to work both in and on my business and put in the work to make it successful. Thanks LWPI!

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Project 1

Posted By Barbara Britvin, Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is my Project 1, I live in Panamá so I decided to give my couple different options in different spots, a beach spot, a mountain venue and more jungle style place. Distances in Panamá are short but still moving everybody for a Wedding can be hard and expensive so I based decisions in the Budget and the best logistics.

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