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CWEP Project 1

Posted By Alisha T. Stephen, Monday, February 17, 2020
Hi! My name is Alisha Stephen, I’m 22 (almost 23) years old & I was born & raised in Lawrenceville, GA. I stay at home with my mom & older brothers. Before doing Lovegevity I was hoping from job to job mainly in retail. I was wanting to branch out but no one was accepting my application.  I thought long & hard about being a wedding planner & one day I asked my mom for help & I took the leap! I plan on becoming a very successful wedding planner that lives worry free about finances, time & stress. 
In my project, I’ve been given a very sweet couple who is young & vibrant! They want an emerald green wedding with gold accents & touches of pale pink. The gold creates an amazing pop of color while the pink brings the two bold colors back down to earth & mellows things out. 

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Section 1 Blog post

Posted By Judy A Woolfolk, Saturday, February 8, 2020


 I'm Judy Woolfolk.  I have had many careers including a florist in a small west Texas town in the 70's.  I and my husband owned many businesses during our 54 years of marriage.  I was a State Farm insurance agent in Plano, Texas for over 27 years and during  a portion of that time, my office manager and I owned a floral design business.  We did our first large wedding at the Four Seasons in 2008.  We went on to do several weddings and parties, but really just intuitively ran our business.  I know we made mistakes, but didn't know any other way to proceed.  When I retired from State Farm, we closed our floral business.  In 2015, our friends' daughter was planning her wedding and I met Kayla.  There was no wedding planner, so Kayla and her family including the bride, Kassi, were the entire planning team.  They asked me to help with the design work and so our design relationship began.  I found my joy again in designing and the wedding was just magical.  We really didn't know what we were doing, but again just went with what felt right. After my retirement, I was managing a convenience store so really didn't have time to pursue anything else at the time, so again I put my design dreams aside.  My husband died in June, 2019 after complications from heart transplant surgery.  I had quit my job in 2017 to take care of him, so after he died I found myself with time to do something.  

 After Kassi's wedding, we still were part of Kayla & her family's life so I knew that Kayla didn't want to just be a high school English teacher forever.  We talked about it and she kept coming back to the magic and fulfillment of planning and executing Kassi's wedding.  After she planned and executed the Celina prom, she finally decided that she wanted to pursue her dream.  I offered to take the course with her and help her establish a business.

"You are my Light" is my mood board theme.  My couple have helped each other through college and have been together since high school.  They  want to use a lantern theme as a symbol of being the light for each other.  The wedding is scheduled for late October.  They have chosen a rich, jewel-toned pallet with an indoor ceremony lit by a multitude of lanterns.

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CWEP Project 1.3 - Mood Board

Posted By Mary E. Tindle (Green), Saturday, January 18, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Hi everyone, my name is Mary Tindle and I live in Katy, Texas, a part of the greater Houston area. For the last 20 years I have enjoyed a career in the oil and gas industry in which I started right out of college as a low-level drafter and worked my way up to Design Supervisor running the drafting group. I was able to accomplish this due to my leadership skills and ability to adapt to ever changing requirements and time schedules while maintaining deadlines and satisfying the client. However, the oil and gas industry is unpredictable with more and more jobs going overseas, so now is a great time to change careers to something that I am very passionate about, wedding and event planning. My ultimate goal is to have my own wedding and event planning business, with a flair for unique, themed, and eccentric events. Being in the Houston area and close to cities like San Antonio and Austin, there are lots of possibilities for large events that I would love to plan.

While I have no professional experience in event planning, I have planned several parties and events such as my own vow renewal ceremony that was extremely well received. I have planned baby showers and parties for friends and family. I put together a Halloween extravaganza a few years back, which included a haunted house that I designed and built. Our house was voted #1 decorated house in our subdivision and years later, people still ask if we are doing it again and have even offered to help with set up. I love to use my creativity to plan, organize, coordinate, and decorate any event and party possible from conception through execution. I can accomplish this by using my extensive design and leadership skills that I've developed over the years.

I chose to attend the Certified Master Wedding and Events course through Texas A&M. I am loving every minute of it so far. To see my visions take on a definition of their own is such a delight for me. I have a huge imagination with an enormous amount of creativity that has been aching to get out. For me, the sky is the limit. I can catalyze anyone’s vision and make their dream event come true. Once I get started, there is no stopping me.

For project 1, My couple is Hannah Davis and Alex Baker and this is their story:

Hannah and Alex met through a mutual friend at work. In their spare time, they immerse themselves in a world full of fantasy and adventure. Their quirky personalities and lighthearted approach to life are a perfect match. As avid adventurers, they are often inspired by Steampunk designs rooted in the 19th century culture where fantasy meets futuristic fashion, style and art characterized by the industrial revolution. They have requested a “Vintage Victorian Steampunk” inspired wedding experience. They're wedding is planned for June 14th, 2021 which is recognized as International Steampunk Day.

The couple both love vibrant shades of berry and lavender complimented with green and gold. Beautiful bouquets and tablescapes filled with floral combinations of burgundy calla lilies, dark red roses, hypericum berries and natural foliage accented with golden gadgets and gears paired with the natural glow of soft vintage lighting make for a very dreamy atmosphere.

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CWEP Project -1 ( Love Luxury )

Posted By Leena Soneji, Monday, February 25, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hello!!! My name is Leena , basically I am a psychologist ,worked as  a student counselor in past. But since 8 yrs I am moving with my family and living expat life. It has helped me a lot in understanding the values of different culture.  Also resulting in a very adoptive personality and of having good communication skill.

During my journey I got opportunity to organize company's events and was positioned as activity coordinator. It was very challenging and exciting to organize events for global mass . And to my surprise I was awarded  for my work as a Activity coordinator. Since then I kept on growing in my work and handling same position at different  locations . So my graph is little different, moving from corporate and personal events to wedding event management .

Design and Fashion I am always passionate about . I am very thrilled to learn such an detailed management program with Lovegevity University . My only concern is the IT part (using apps) , hope I can handle it well . About  my today's board  assignment ???? I managed to do with great difficulties But so happy that my learning would be more vast then I assumed.. .... yahoo  I am on !!!!!

My today's board is all about love ......,and luxury  associated with it . Its all about once in a life time event ( memories),it has cultural reflection a color scheme of Pearl and Maroon ... peal is calm and maroon is the color for energy .... love the river side location ... with abundance nature .... to a luxury of traditional weave and jewelry .... love the simplicity of gazebo , aroma of fresh flowers and prayers !!!!   hope it inspires to you all too !!!!! 






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CWEP Project 1

Posted By Lauren Gertz, Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hello, my name is Lauren Gertz and I was born and raised in Rhode Island. I presently live in downtown Boston, Massachusetts working for a catering company and venue as an Event Planner and Sales Manager. I majored in Psychology and concentrated in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I have worked in event planning all of my life through highschool, college, and in my present career. My true passion is in wedding planning and I have the pleasure of working with a wonderful couple, Marie and Brian for the 2019 wedding season.


Marie and Brian presently live in South Carolina. Brian’s family is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. They wanted to have their Ceremony and Reception somewhere that gives guests the feeling of being downtown in the historic district while also being by the water on the Boston Harbor. They chose The Exchange in Boston Seaport, where I presently work. They have a guest count of 150 and will be married in September 2019 with a budget of $40,000 for venue catering, beverages, rentals, and staffing.


The couple would like to have a fall themed wedding with a simplistic rustic and clean look incorporating shades of burnt orange, burgundy, cream, and gold. Invitations are a dark burgundy wood style background with gold text and white, orange, and burgundy detailing. Guests will stay at two nearby hotels, the Renaissance and the Seaport. They will be transported in an Old Town Trolley to and from the event. They will have a full 8 piece band with lots of New England Themed food. The attire for the event is casual black tie. I have assisted them with their escort cards that are designed to be pine cones, the card box that will be a hollowed-out cream pumpkin, and favors that will be cream and gold candied apples after their sparkler send-off.

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CWEP Project# 2

Posted By Mashelle Collins, Monday, August 20, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hello! My name is Mashelle. I am from New York City and adapted a niche for planning at an early age. Project 2 helped me understand the requirements for wedding planning. Before taking this course I had little to no interest in planning weddings but now I am more interested and excited about what is involved in wedding planning. My project gives a brief overview of the packages offered and why I decided to become an event planner. 

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CWEP Project 1.3

Posted By Mariana Alyo, Thursday, February 8, 2018
Project 1.3 I went for a more rustic themed wedding, something along the lines that I would like one day. I went for a mauve/purple tone because I feel that it is a color that will go with every season. I love rustic themes because it is something that everyone can afford to do, because it is very simple and many things can be diyed. This is a theme that can be taken many different ways, which is my favorite part! I loved this project because I was able to look at so many pictures and themes, which made my ideas run wild. 

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CWEP Project 1

Posted By Whitney Johnson, Sunday, September 24, 2017

Greetings fellow planners!! My name is Whitney, i am 29 years old living right outside of Charlottesville, VA. I currently am an OR Scheduling Coordinator by day and a volunteer firefighter by night, However, since a teenager i have been involved in event planning and am looking forward to a prosperous business of my own.

The event that I am planning for my client is a  fun 60th birthday party! More often than not a vision board is brought together with color pallets and style. With this client more so than color it was the theme that brought the inspiration together! My client chose a dance /theater theme because she was a dancer as child.The Chosen location was also inspired by her theme and childhood. She has fond memories of The Count Basie Theater in New Jersey. A well-known attraction from her memory so she chose to bring it home for this beautiful milestone!

Recognizing that color is very important when designing an event, my client wanted a way to include her two daughters into her special day. She chose to do so by using both of their favorite colors along with her own for decor! The three major colors for this inspiration board were blue purple and yellow. 

For this event we set the anticipation by sending out an invitation that is both eye catching, color coordinated and fun to give guests an idea of both what to wear as well as what atmosphere can be expect upon arrival.  A tasty bright yellow eye catching Champagne pass will greet guests upon their arrival. As her guests enter the room, the ambiance will be set through the use of dim lighting table, decor and inviting music.  It was important to my client to have guests seated in an arrangement that would have all eyes on stage as you would in a theater setting. Guest appetite will be tickled with an aromatic Caribbean themed dinner! The client will enter with a surprise dance performance. Dressed in a long elegant, flowing dress, dazzled with a jeweled hair piece and a fun twist bright twist on her shoes, ballet slippers. Soon after dinner guests will quickly be amused when they find themselves involved in the night's events! It is my client's desire to have her guest join her in a dance performance following her solo! At the end of the evening to show appreciation for guest attendance, as they depart they will be presented with to-go deserts to savor over the ride home as they discuss cherished moments from the evening. 

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