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My Journey to becoming a Certified Wedding and Event Planner!

Posted By Angela Haralson, Tuesday, October 23, 2018

When I first ventured to become a CWEP I was so nervous…to say the least.  However, as the session progressed my class has been treating this experience as a joint effort.  We have cheered for  and encouraged each other.  Desiree Dent has just been the buttercream icing on top of our cupcake…lol…she has been sweet, consistent and welcoming!

This journey to certification has brought out many, many qualities in this group of dope women!

Lovegevity’s Fall Class of 2018 Triton Campus!

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Week 7 Blog Review

Posted By Lydia E. Neurath (Norris), Monday, July 4, 2016


I read the blog entitled "Balancing the Commitment to Self and Other." I found this blog very insightful, especially having been married myself for nearly two years.  I feel it is very important not to lose oneself in a relationship.  Of course it is essential to be committed to your significant other and often times that means doing things you don't want to do, but also you need to make time for yourself and still do the things that fulfill you.  I also really enjoyed the parable about the 10 foot wells.  It is true that society has taken the stance of when life gets hard you should move on, a reason oftentimes I feel some do not commit, as it is easier to walk away when the hard times occur.  I feel a relationship is a lifetime of learning about one another, one will never truly understand and learn everything there is to about the other.  I think it is also essential to know oneself prior to engaging into a committed relationship, because you cannot understand and love someone else until you understand and love yourself.  It is very important for the couple to do things they enjoy together but also apart.  No relationship will ever occur without stress and hard times, it is the commitment that holds the couple together.  I think this is great information for all couples, even those who are single, because it is important to balance the commitment to your significant other but also to yourself.

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