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CWEP Project 2

Posted By Adriana Jimenez, Saturday, May 4, 2019

Hello again!  My name is Adriana Jimenez and this is my Project 2.

I have been working on this project every chance I get so I can finally finish all of my projects and get my Certification.  It has been hard getting started, but once I'm on a roll, it all falls into place.

My project is Selling Your Services.  I created a presentation which will show the client the types of services our company, A & A Weddings and Events, offers. I have also included the price for each type of service and what the 3 service packages plus the "Day Of" service package include.  We also offer a DIY Class as a special service to our clients.  We will be designing centerpieces and other wedding or event decorations for the DIY clients out there.  My daughter and business partner, Alexa and I have always loved creating and we would love to pass that service on to all our clients who are looking for a more personal touch to their special day.

 I have created a mood board that represents the color palette that I have chosen for our business brand.  I have also included our company logo and a link to my mock website to give you an idea of what I'd like our website to look like when we finally launch our business.  I have chosen pale blue, soft rose, mint green, sand and gray colors and a pleasant font for our logo and website.  I hope you all like it. 

On to my final project!

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CWEP Project 1

Posted By Sharon Michaux, Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Updated: Thursday, October 25, 2018


Hello my name is Sharon Michaux , from Richmond, Va., and I am soooooo excited to be a part of this CWEP class.  It has been on my bucket list for a long time, I'm finally here!!!

I am excited to develop my networking and business skills along with my creative skills.

My client is having a "Twenty Fine" birthday celebration to celebrate her twenty fifth birthday.

Her vision is that the event have a Classy, Sexy, Regal and Royal feel.  She has chosen as her colors for the event, burgundy and white with a hint of gold and blush. She wants this affair to be not only classy and sexy, but fun and flowing. 

She will have a slide show of her through out the years and family members to elaborate on how "special" she is. 

There will also be a DJ, digital photo booth, heavy hors d'oeuvres and open bar.  So, let the fun begin!

 Attached Thumbnails:

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Being a Student at LWPI

Posted By Lauren Pope, Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Updated: Wednesday, June 28, 2017



My name is Lauren. I have been a student for longer than a year. I did not focus my efforts into completing this when I should have. Now that I am almost there, I can taste the future and the opportunity that will be at my door. Being a student here at Lovegevity has given me the tools to move forward in a career that I have always wanted to be in. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to explore this option. Good luck to all the other students who are on their way to the wedding planning world! 



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My LWPI Journey

Posted By Victoria Bailey, Monday, October 3, 2016

My time with Lovegevity has been extremely challenging but a very rewarding experience!! Before enrolling in the CWEP program, I knew that I wanted to start my own business and become a wedding planner, but I had no idea how I would go about doing it without (drumroll)...stepping outside of my introverted shell and changing my perspective.

As an aspiring planner, the majority of the people I follow on social media are entrepreneurs in the same field. When I see these people, I see professionals who are highly skilled at their craft. Although I've planned a few weddings and events, I've always wondered how in the world I would perfect my talent and get to that same place.  The answer was LWPI! 

Through my studies, I've become confident that my business will thrive because I'm dedicated to what I do. Even if I fall on my face, at least I've taken a leap of faith and believed that, through training, I will make logical choices when it comes to my clients and my brand. The idea that I can establish lasting relationships with people by planning some of the most important days of their lives fuels me to want to learn more and do more in this industry.  I'm ready for the challenge!!

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