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Project 1

Posted By Victoria Alexander, Friday, June 26, 2020
Hi everyone my name is Tori. I am from South Carolina I graduated college with a marketing and managemnt degreee. I am currenty working as a sales and install coordinator for a heating and air company hoping one day to possibly do something with maybe my wedding planing cetificate and or my college degree. this project had been decently easy my mood board is a rustic sytle wedding which is a trending style in my small hometown. The project i am prosenting is a true love story between a couple i went to school with. I did not use their wedding pictures per their request but the contrent line is based off of their wedding before covid-19 hit and ruined thier plans. 

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Cwep Project 3

Posted By Daniel Rodriguez, Friday, November 29, 2019
Hello you guys this is Daniel well my last project is here. The Grand Opening of Event creations By Danny that will be targeting all Mexican traditional weddings across the Dfw area. We are here to create memorable events. This is project was truly amazing because I have the vision of how the grand opening will be hosted. we will be serving Mexican authentic food and will have Mexican and desserts for all guest with mariachi and a wonderful dj playing. we will also be having some ballet flokorico performances as a surprise for all the guest. This course has thought me so much about this field that has got me super excited for my future career doing this and the tips I have took have really helped me plan a wonderful quinceanera that will be hosted next year. 

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CWEP Projet1

Posted By Stephanie House, Monday, October 8, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Hello my name is Stephanie House, I'm originally from Colombia came to USA 6 years ago, currently living in Frisco, TX (Dallas area). My goal through this course in to start my own wedding planning company to help couples that are in love have their picture perfect wedding.  My goal for the future is to use my background in graphic design, to provide invitation, save the date and other wedding related materials such as thank you cards.  My skill set will allow me to make the bride's day even more special.  With my project I would like to show a bohemian style that showcases how the groom and bride entered each other's lives.  My clients Sarah and Pete are avid outdoors enthusiasts and would love to have an outdoor wedding.  They will be using Petes parents summer house which is located in the Borough region of France.  Sarah expressed an interest in providing her guests the ideal Franchise experience, she has put me uncharge of picking out several regional wines that her and Pete will select from.  As their wedding planner it is my responsibility to make all of their dreams come true.  I will use all of the knowledge that I gained in my wedding planning course and my life experiences to ensure my clients have the best experience possible.


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Posted By Janice Alphonso, Wednesday, July 25, 2018


My name is Janice Alphonso and I was born in Georgetown Guyana. I moved to the United States when I was five years old.  I presently  work as a Guidance Counselor and I love to work on beautiful events. My goal is to open a fabulous hall that is beautifully decorated in neutral palettes and can be transformed into any event that my clients envisions.  Thus far, this course has helped me to become more focused on my goal of becoming a fulltime event planner and designer.

The mood board is for a couple who met four years ago and are deeply in love, Candace is the director of a community organization and Ryan is an Engineer.  Candace is a true romantic whose favorite colors are pink and gold.  They both love food and Champagne and would like their guests to enjoy the evening through the five senses. Ryan said, “make Candace’s dreams come true”.


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Tags:  #CWEP #Project1  #LWPI  #Moodboard  #wedding planner  #wedding planning  CWEP PROJECT 1 

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My time as a LWPI Student

Posted By Christina Grier, Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's crazy realizing my first course with Lovegevity is almost coming to an end. I'm excited about finishing up these last projects and assignments and preparing to take the exam. Had I started out on my own trying to get my wedding planning business off the ground, it would have been much more difficult. Now, with the help of LWPI and the training I've received as a soon-to-be certified wedding and event planner, I have so much more confidence to go out and meet brides to help them plan their wedding day.

That's what I feared most prior to starting this class. A wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions in life. I would have hated if I'd dont anything (even unintentional) to mess up or dampen a Bride's big day. I now feel confident in what I'm doing, and know I'm capable of walking a couple through the process to plan their wedding. It's also great timing since my boyfriend just proposed 2 weeks ago, so now I get to be my own first client! As I begin to plan my own wedding, I will put to use what I've learned, and will see through trial and error, what works and what may have been better left to other professionals. The most important thing I've taken away though is to use my own advice. I believe all Bride's should hire at least a day-of coordinator if possible. So while I'll be the guinea pig in planning this first wedding, I will hire a month-of coordinator to hand over all the details to make my day perfect.

Thank you LWPI for teaching me so much! I'm excited for what's to come.


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Project 2 Selling Your Services

Posted By Shannon Peura, Saturday, June 11, 2016

I learned a great amount of information regarding the set up and maintaining a business with this project.  Information I would not have known if I did not take this course.  Even though it was quite challenging at times and very time consuming it was well worth it.  Please feel free to leave comments. I would love to see your feedback.


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Tags:  #CWEP #Project2 #Lovegevity #Sellingyourservices  #wedding planner 

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Timelessly by Sasha - Project 2

Posted By Sasha Hernandez-Ticali (Hernandez), Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I began Timelessly by Sasha because of my own wedding planning experience. I enjoyed every single second of it – even the stressful times. As a bride I found that in order for me to have everything we wanted at our wedding the footwork was extreme. My venue had a wedding planner – in fact, I probably wouldn’t have had such a wonderful, memorable night had it not been for her.

Here at Timelessly by Sasha we promise you an endless list of creative ideas, personal touches and special, lasting reminders of your event.


Planning can be overwhelming, starting can seem like the biggest test of your life – you may even think you can’t do it. We can help you! Whether it’s your wedding day, birthday, bridal shower or 50th wedding anniversary – Timelessly by Sasha takes pride in being your go-to for fun, happiness and love every step of the way.


Timelessly by Sasha prides itself in providing Wedding and Event services effortlessly, efficiently and flawlessly. Our client’s come first with consultations, availability and support. We work with our clients by listening to their ideas, needs, wants and preferences all while incorporating our creativity, knowledge and background in event planning.


As the owner of Timelessly by Sasha I will work towards providing my clients with extensive knowledge, interest and creativity within the industry alongside my skills, experience and dedication to create their event with memories of a lifetime. My goal is to continue to strive to create lasting relationships with key vendors in a variety of vendor services. I also look forward to being able to provide my clients with these services as well as my own to reduce many of the stresses one may find while planning.


One of the biggest aspects of our company is our dedication to helping others. We here at Timelessly by Sasha are proud to serve our clients with guest vendor speakers at seminars, a variety of marriage counseling recommendations, worthwhile vendors and the opportunity to take DIY classes, budget analysis, budget friendly ideas, and so much more.


My goal as Owner of Timelessly by Sasha is to plan at least two weddings in the Winter/Spring of 2016. I look forward to attending Bridal Shows, food tastings and functions as well as philanthropic outreach in order to better myself as a Wedding and Event Planner.  By Summer 2016, I hope to join various Bridal Associations/Vendor Associations and grow by word of mouth.


I look forward to a rewarding career!


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