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Posted By Michelle Hillwig, Sunday, March 8, 2020
Modern Chic is the theme of the day and are great options for the bride and groom who crave all things current , elegant and stylishly fashionable.

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CWEP Project 1

Posted By Nadia A. Ehia (Nadia Ali), Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hi everyone!

My name is Nadia Ehia and I live in Arlington, Texas. I am enrolled in the wedding & event planning college course at the University of Texas at Arlington. I'm also an alumni of the university- I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Advertising degree. I currently work for an e-commerce/digital marketing agency as a Senior Analyst in Program Management. Although I love my job, I am ready to chase my dream and do something I am passionate about. I've been a natural planner since I was young and as I got older, friends and family began asking me for help in planning their events. Last year, I planned my own wedding and fell in love with the process. Since then, I've planned and coordinated four weddings. My plan is to launch my own wedding and event planning business upon completing this course. 

 The project that I am presenting is a cozy and intimate wedding in the mountains with a bohemian vibe. The couple preferred an intimate destination wedding surrounded by nature. The colors I chose are light and airy shades of blue and grey to enhance the natural colors of the mountains and trees. The ceremony and reception will take place outdoors. We will use florals, greenery, wood, candles and string lights to create the perfect, whimsical atmosphere. The venue is a private mountain lodge in Silverthorne, CO and sits on 40 acres of land. The lodge sleeps 20 so the couple along with their wedding party will stay in the house all week to celebrate. There will be a nearby hotel with a room block for additional guests. 

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Project 3 B'z Buzzin Events

Posted By Rasheda L. Figgs, Thursday, June 1, 2017
Updated: Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello! & Thank you for join us as we celebrate the Official Launch of B'z Buzzin Events! A wedding and event planning company designed to fit the lifestyle and budget of your everyday working couple, or anyone who is hosting a big event from baby showers to company networking.

B'z Buzzin Events is a family owned event planning company out of San Pablo, California. The company's owner and lead planner is a Bay Area native who has worked in the wedding industry for close to 7 years before branching out to start her own event planning company, with the help of her talented family. 

"Let us make your wedding day all the buzz about town"


Project 3 has been the most exciting for me because I was able to envision my actual launch party or grand opening of my business. I believe a lot of creative energy came about while working on the grand opening. While I have some time before I am completely ready to host my launch party, I believe this portion of the class gave me so many tools that I can take with me and apply to my business. I am forever grateful for my instructor Mr. Tony, He was such an amazing guild through this journey. 


 Attached Thumbnails:

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My LWPI Experience

Posted By Melissa A. Talavera, Monday, April 24, 2017
Updated: Monday, April 24, 2017

My experience with Lovegevity's Wedding Planning Institute in Miami Dade College has been challenging however very intriguing and compelling.

Taking this course has motivated my passion for the industry even more than before I began the class. The chapters are exceedingly informative, as well as the podcasts that were in our curriculum. Jessica our instructor has been so kind, patient and also informative. I am very appreciative of Jessica sharing her knowledge with the class. This course has executed many different topics that are essential to successfully run your services and  business. From the A8 formula to learning about wedding etiquette and different cultures. Most importantly, being in this industry and as a planner to be, research will never end. One must always educate the customer by continuing to grow their knowledge in the market.

LWPI has been a significant learning experience and will follow through with my future business. Thank you for everything!

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My time as a LWPI Student

Posted By Christina Grier, Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's crazy realizing my first course with Lovegevity is almost coming to an end. I'm excited about finishing up these last projects and assignments and preparing to take the exam. Had I started out on my own trying to get my wedding planning business off the ground, it would have been much more difficult. Now, with the help of LWPI and the training I've received as a soon-to-be certified wedding and event planner, I have so much more confidence to go out and meet brides to help them plan their wedding day.

That's what I feared most prior to starting this class. A wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions in life. I would have hated if I'd dont anything (even unintentional) to mess up or dampen a Bride's big day. I now feel confident in what I'm doing, and know I'm capable of walking a couple through the process to plan their wedding. It's also great timing since my boyfriend just proposed 2 weeks ago, so now I get to be my own first client! As I begin to plan my own wedding, I will put to use what I've learned, and will see through trial and error, what works and what may have been better left to other professionals. The most important thing I've taken away though is to use my own advice. I believe all Bride's should hire at least a day-of coordinator if possible. So while I'll be the guinea pig in planning this first wedding, I will hire a month-of coordinator to hand over all the details to make my day perfect.

Thank you LWPI for teaching me so much! I'm excited for what's to come.


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Posted By Charlene Abrahams, Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My experience with the online course was Amazing! I joined the program in 2014. I had some issues and had put it on hold when I was on my final project 3. I started back recently to find out the program had changed and I needed more assignments,survey's and online discussions, and I am so grateful for these new requirements it has taught me a whole lot more and forced me to get involved. The podcasts from seasoned planners are so informative(Simone Vega) is who I've listened to the most, she is AWSOME! 

I am so grateful for all the information I retained in the program I now have the tools I need to start my own business and be successful at doing it with all the guidelines provided to me I will now have the reassurance that I felt was needed to build my business with clients and vendors once I have completed the course as a Certified Wedding and Event Planner.


Charlene A

Download File (DOCX)

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My experience at LWPI

Posted By Alejandra Sotomayor, Friday, August 5, 2016

I found this course really good for me. I get a lot of information about the event planning and now I know a lot of thing that Im going to be able to use when I get back to peru. I will like to thank all the students of my class and my teacher Katy who gave us a lot of information and experiences to lean about. 

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