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My time with CWEP

Posted By Jessica L. Griffin, Friday, October 07, 2016

My experience and long, tedious hours with the CWEP program is one I will never forget. This process has been very challenging and exciting and will host the energy for a potential and promising lifetime. 


Before starting my CWEP program, I have been a surgical technologist, specializing in open heart surgery for the last 14 years. When I decided to change careers, I, and my fellow coworkers, were ecstatic. I was ecstatic due to a change in course and my coworkers were excited because now I could plan all of our holiday parties! Having interned with another wedding planner in town has shown me to step out of my comfort zone and actually enjoy socializing with random people. In the Operating Room, all of my patients are sedated which leads for a semi-anti-social environment. Having this career will hopefully change my introverted anti-social behavior. 


Through this process, I have learned to be more creative and not think so black and white. I have never had a drive or want to open my own business because I have always worked in a hospital. Having changed careers, I have now the deepest desire to open my own wedding and event planning business and help brides create a day that they will always remember.

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My time as a LWPI Student

Posted By Christina Grier, Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's crazy realizing my first course with Lovegevity is almost coming to an end. I'm excited about finishing up these last projects and assignments and preparing to take the exam. Had I started out on my own trying to get my wedding planning business off the ground, it would have been much more difficult. Now, with the help of LWPI and the training I've received as a soon-to-be certified wedding and event planner, I have so much more confidence to go out and meet brides to help them plan their wedding day.

That's what I feared most prior to starting this class. A wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions in life. I would have hated if I'd dont anything (even unintentional) to mess up or dampen a Bride's big day. I now feel confident in what I'm doing, and know I'm capable of walking a couple through the process to plan their wedding. It's also great timing since my boyfriend just proposed 2 weeks ago, so now I get to be my own first client! As I begin to plan my own wedding, I will put to use what I've learned, and will see through trial and error, what works and what may have been better left to other professionals. The most important thing I've taken away though is to use my own advice. I believe all Bride's should hire at least a day-of coordinator if possible. So while I'll be the guinea pig in planning this first wedding, I will hire a month-of coordinator to hand over all the details to make my day perfect.

Thank you LWPI for teaching me so much! I'm excited for what's to come.


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Posted By Krista Loeper, Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I really enjoyed this course in ways that I was not even expecting. I have always had such a strong passion for the hospitality and event industry. It has been a dream of mine to be an event planner specializing with weddings as I find weddings so beyond beautiful. Not only is the decor and food and atmosphere amazing but just the presence of love in the air brings tears to my eyes! When I first started this course I was so excited and now that it is coming to an end I am still excited but also a little sad. I have learned so much and I am confident that I will be able to achieve my dream of of owning my own events and catering business one day soon!

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Experience as a lovegevity student

Posted By Zolia Carmen Davila, Monday, October 26, 2015


This course has been better than I expected. I love how we learn the business side of event planning, this is so important in ensuring our success. All the material provided is very helpful and well written Our professor has been great, she has shared her experiences and has given us insight into what to expect and what to look out for in our business. She has been a great mentor to all of us. I will definitely recommend LWIP to anyone looking into becoming an event planner.

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18.6 Being a LWPI Student

Posted By AMANDA VANCE, Thursday, October 22, 2015
Being a LWPI student has been a blast so far. I have learned so many things I will use later on in my career which will help me have the best business possible. The assignments we do are so relevant and helpful for this career choice and I am glad we are figuring it all out now instead of later. I can't wait to see what else we get to learn and do as the class goes on!

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Project 2

Posted By Cindy Vallejo, Friday, May 31, 2013
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LWPI Certification

Posted By Nichelle D. Thompson, Friday, October 26, 2012

I am happy I decided to enroll in the CWEP course with the LWPI. The entire course has assisted me with creating processes and documentation to enable growth of my company Designs By Nishy

The projects and assignments were easy for me, as I have done some of the tasks or do them every day. I did however find the assignments time consuming, as it was difficult for me to operate on a daily basis and still complete the chapters, assignments and quizzes.

I think this is a great course for beginners to take and a good refresher for already established planners.

I have included a photo of a Destination Wedding, I recently did. Please feel free to stop by our website

Thanks again to LWPI!!!


Tags:  Assignment 18.6-Blog  Assignment 18.6-Blogassignment 18.6 Blog  chapter 18.6  My LWPI Experience 

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18.6 Blog Contribution

Posted By Lydia Kerley, Monday, June 25, 2012
Here is a wedding that I did in Florida that had an antique feel to it. The vendors that I worked with really made the difference. Everything ran smoothly with very few bumps along the way. I have come to believe that you should always expect at least one thing unexpected to happen. Having an "emergency" kit such as the one that LWPI lists is very helpful. 

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Unforgettable Experience

Posted By Brittany L. Cooper, Sunday, January 29, 2012
Updated: Sunday, January 29, 2012
This course has truly been an eye opener. I had no idea that the passion I had for the wedding and event industry could grow to be so much more. I've been working with wedding planners for the past 5 years now, and enrolled in this course to better myself and my education. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so many beneficial concepts and tools that I know I will use in the future.

This year, I was fortunate enough to meet Preston Bailey at a special VIP event held in Virginia Beach. He spoke about his work and the lessons he has learned along the way. He even signed my book! It was such an honor to meet him and I plan to enroll in his design course once I finish my CWEP course.

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone looking to further their career in the field and gain valuable information to help them become a better planner.

Warm Regards,

Brittany Cooper

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Tags:  Assignment 18.6-Blogassignment 18.6 Blog 

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Assignment 18.6

Posted By Jennifer R. Hanson, Sunday, January 29, 2012
Taking this class has been an amazing experience. Wedding and Event planning is something I've always wanted to do with my life and now, thanks to this class, I'm able to make this my career. Working in the floral and the catering industry already, taking this class has given me the opportunity to expand my talents and learn many things I hadn't even considered. On my way to a rewarding career in Wedding and Event planning!

Tags:  assignment 18.6  Assignment 18.6-Blog  Assignment 18.6-Blogassignment 18.6 Blog 

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On My Way!!! (18.6)

Posted By Stacey M. Simmons, Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Updated: Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Taking the CWEP online course to recieve my Wedding and Event Planing Certification has been great.  I have gained a true working knowledge of having a Wedding and Event Planning business.  I will be taking my final exam soon and am on my way to becoming a certified event planner and owner of my own business.  I made the right choice when I decided to get my certification with LWPI!  So excited about the future!!!

Tags:  assignment 18.6  assignment 18.6 Blog  Assignment 18.6-Blog  Assignment 18.6-Blogassignment 18.6 Blog  chapter 18.6  LWPI 

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Winter Wedding

Posted By Nicole Ashby, Tuesday, January 03, 2012
This is a winter wedding that I planned.  It might be hard to see in the photo's but there are lanturns lined up down the isle.  (The wedding just took place, so I only have my cell phone pictures right now!)  During the cocktail hour, I brought in a couple lanturns and re-used them in the reception ballroom.  The lanturns played the role as the "wedding theme".  They looked so pretty that we wanted to see that candlelight all night long!  Two lanturns were even placed behind the cake.  The colors were red, black & silver.  I had an amazing time planning that wedding!  I think it is a great idea to use the same signature items at the ceremony & reception!

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